I Took Pictures Of Dogs Posing Through Torn Paper In My Studio (10 Pics)


    Photographing dogs in the studio is so much fun but you never know what to expect when they come in…

    Sometimes they run like crazy and my background gets destroyed before we even have the opportunity to get started with the shoot!

    Well, if that’s the case… let’s just use what we have and make some fun!

    Qaya before she decided to jump through the paper.

    Balou very interested in what is happening at the other side!

    Bruce the Rhodesian Ridgeback still a little bit impressed he made a hole.

    Cooper enjoying watching the photographer.

    Lola the Yorkshire still having diva allures.

    Roosje the chihuahua trying to escape.

    Obi thinking what have I done now?

    The most beautiful dog tongue in the world.

    Ooooh, it’s so much fun on the other side!

    My head is too big…

    More info: hondermooi.be


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